An Ice Cream Spot In Vancouver Serves Luxury Scoops & One Is Like A Ferrero Rocher On A Stick

It's mesmerizing! 🍨

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​A hand holding the new Mister ice cream treat. Right: A woman eating a Mister ice cream.

A hand holding the new Mister ice cream treat. Right: A womanl eating a Mister ice cream.

Luxury ice cream is actually a thing, and this spot in Vancouver is serving up some delicious flavours.

If you're feeling fancy, it makes for the perfect treat, and they have a new location in the city just in time for summer.

The shop is called Mister Ice Cream, and it currently has a bumping location in Yaletown. In an exchange with Narcity, the shop confirmed their plan to open a new location in Kitsilano on March 25

One of the new menu items closely resembles a mouthwatering gold-wrapped treat with an ice-cream twist on the classic chocolate brand.

Their unique chocolate ice cream bar, The Ferraro Bar, will only be featured at the Kitsilano location.

This drool-worthy treat comes with chocolate hazelnut ice cream and a delicious wafer crust.

The ice cream is then dipped in chocolate, topped off with hazelnuts for an extra crunch, and wrapped in the classic gold wrapper — yum!

Ice cream chocolate bar beside a Ferrero Rocher.Ice cream chocolate bar beside a Ferrero Rocher.Rich Won | Mister Media Release

All of the ingredients are made in-house by Mister — including their chocolate dip!

Mister is also serving up some other special delicious treats like an all-new frozen banana series.

A frozen banana will be dipped in either white chocolate, dark chocolate, or matcha dip, and then topped off with something special.

Flavours for these frozen bananas will include Salted Caramel Crunch, Goji Granola, S’mores Banana, and Matcha Krispy.

The S'mores frozen banana even gets flamed torched for that real campfire touch.

Frozen banana treat being flame torched.Frozen banana treat being flame torched.Rich Won | Mister Media Release

There is no shortage of unique sweets here to satisfy your cravings.

With days getting warmer, this might be just the thing to cool you down.

Mister Artisan Ice Cream

Price: 💸💸

Address: 1835 West 1st Ave., Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: These yummy treats will have you feeling like a million bucks!


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