This 'Perverted' Ice Cream Shop In Vancouver Is Serving Scoops With Extremely Dirty Names

You'll 'Beg For S'more' 🍦

​A person holding an ice cream cone, right, Perverted Ice Cream shop sign
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A person holding an ice cream cone, right, Perverted Ice Cream shop sign

This ice cream shop in Vancouver is actually called Perverted Ice Cream and has scoops with super dirty names.

It's a super weird concept and makes it hard to not laugh while ordering. Some of the names of these ice cream treats will literally make you gasp.

The hilarious ice cream shop is located in downtown Vancouver and makes for an interesting afternoon snack.

It's the perfect stop to have a cold dessert on a hot day — as well as a good laugh.

The Perverted Menu consists of some wild soft serve ice cream names like Beg For S'more and Brand Spanking.

To top it all off, some of these dirty-named ice cream cones literally come with a cherry on top.

Aside from the dirty names — the ice cream actually looks extremely drool-worthy.

The little shop is extremely dark and gothic, which matches the ice cream cone and cup style.

All of the ice cream options are hidden behind a big counter to keep a very mysterious ambiance.

Not to mention their decor will make you laugh out loud.

Just look at this naughty gnome peeking in the background.

It's worth checking out just purely from interest.

Perverted Ice Cream also offers plant-based options for any "plant-based punks," as the shop calls them.

They also sell some cool pop-art-inspired and funky merch here.

Perverted Ice Cream looks like such a fun place to get some good ice cream — just maybe make sure not to bring your parents along with you.

Whoever visits this place will be in for a real tasty, yet dirty, treat.

Perverted Ice Cream 

Price: 💸💸

Address: 797 Thurlow St., Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: This little ice cream shop in Vancouver is the most hilarious spot to take your friends. The soft-serve cones with dirty names look extremely delicious and will be the most perfect conversation starter.


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