Jocelyn From 'Schitt's Creek' Trolls Her Hometown Of Vancouver & It's So True

"I'm all suited up Lululemon"

Jocelyn From 'Schitt's Creek' Trolls Her Hometown Of Vancouver & It's So True

Jennifer Robertson, known for her roles in Schitt's Creek and Ginny & Georgia , is hilarious on and off-screen — especially when she's making fun of her hometown of Vancouver.

The actress met with Narcity for an interview , and talked about her time growing up in Vancouver, and why she moved back three years ago.

She said that she appreciates the amazing nature in B.C. more than anything, and the ability to go and escape it all in the woods.

She reflected on her childhood in North Burnaby, going to Tapanga Cafe (which is sadly closed now), and her love for Downtown Vancouver .

Although she had lots of kind words for the province, she had to troll her home just a little bit.

It seems like it might be a theme with famous Vancouverites since Ryan Reynolds also poked some fun at the city.

After living in Toronto and L.A. for around 20 years in order to pursue her acting career, she returned home to the West Coast of Canada and forgot how distinct of a place it really is .

She laughed as she said that she thought people could tell she lived somewhere else for a while, just by her clothes.

"I didn't have the right coat and pants," she said, "and now I'm all suited up Lululemon and my coat is made of like 50 recycled plastic bottles!"

Her description couldn't be more on point — the classic Vancouver uniform.

She said that now she's adjusted to being home — in the hyper eco-friendly, lulu-sporting area — and she is "all West Coast!"

Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is a Senior Editor for Narcity Media based in Vancouver, B.C.