An American Shared 5 Reasons Why Vancouver Is Better Than These US Cities & Ouch Seattle

Of course Canada is better! 😉

An American Shared 5 Reasons Why Vancouver Is Better Than These US Cities & Ouch Seattle

An American Reddit user is making us feel seen in Vancouver, with a detailed post on why they think it's way better than other cities after their recent visit.

The post is in response to a sub that "unanimously" told the user to visit Seattle over Vancouver in October. Despite the many warnings from other users to not step foot in Vancouver, the keen traveller thankfully still decided to venture into Canada.

The post lists five observations, comparing Vancouver to Seattle as well as other cities they have been to.

Firstly, the user addresses the homeless crisis saying, "The homeless problem in Seattle (and even in my area in California) is FAR worse and much more visible."

Next, the post tackles the classic Vancouver weather, which is always rain.

"It has basically rained from the moment I landed until now," they said. Despite the rain though, the highlight seemed to be Stanley Park, which the poster said "was like NYC Central Park (which I've visited many times) on steroids. The rain made the backdrops majestic… and when the sun peaked out a couple times, it was incredible."

In terms of shopping, they said, "Robson Street is the most vibrant shopping street I've seen in a while. I can tell you that Seattle's shopping streets are completely dead in comparison."

Vancouver's diversity also made the city stand out to this intrepid explorer.

"Every time I'd leave my hotel room to walk around the city, I'd hear German, Hindi, Tagalog, Farsi, Spanish, and lots of French of course," they wrote. "I thought California was diverse… this is a different kind of diverse!"

Finally, the ultimate comparison was Granville Island to Pike Place Market.

According to the post though, "they're completely different."

"I loved the offerings at the market… but what I loved most was walking around the charming island itself," the traveller wrote.

The user sums up how most of us feel about the city when they said, "Even with the gloom and rain, I found your city incredible. And in COMPLETE honesty, I found Vancouver far more interesting than Seattle."

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