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My Neighbourhood In Vancouver Was Ranked Among The Coolest In The World & I'll Show You Why

My neighbourhood is officially one of the coolest in the world, but when I moved here I had no idea.

When moving to Vancouver from the East Coast of Canada this fall I blindly decided on my neighbourhood, with fingers crossed that I would love it.

As it turns out, I luckily made the absolute best choice by finding a home in Mount Pleasant.


When I saw that it was ranked as one of the coolest in the world I was excited, but not really surprised. After just a few days of exploring the historic neighbourhood, I found amazing vintage shops, super cool breweries, vibrant murals, and of course the iconic Dude Chilling Park.

You also have direct access to transit, which takes you right downtown when you need it. You really don't need to go downtown often though because you have everything here.

It's a foodie heaven, an art hub and an entertainment dream.


I've walked around so I could show you some of my favourite spots to hit in my neighbourhood.

Mintage Mall


The brightest light in a sea of vintage shops is Mintage Mall, at 245 E. Broadway. When you step inside, be prepared to spend money. You won't just browse, trust me.

It has a super unique vibe, taking the entire upstairs of an old building. Once you get upstairs it's shocking how big it actually is.

You can find every one of your vintage dreams — cowboy boots, graphic tees, overalls, and even some costume props.

Main Street Brewing


There are also countless places to grab a pint on Main, which are all pretty great. Main Street Brewing, at 261 E. 7th Ave., though represents the area well and is my favourite spot to head for happy hour.

It's a huge building where you can sit right beside all of their brewing machines. You can also grab some cans to-go.

I've had their Fruit Bomb Blackberry Sour and it was 10/10.

49th Parallel

It's no surprise 49th Parallel, at 2902 Main St., got an honourable mention in the article that ranked the neighbourhoods worldwide. It's amazing.

The locally-roasted coffee is a morning treat for me, and the people who work there are some of the friendliest around.

They also make these mouthwatering Lucky's Doughnuts, which I thank them every day for.

Queen Elizabeth Park


Funny enough, this park is the opposite of Dude Chilling, but still is amazing. It's luscious and touristy, but totally stunning.

It's the highest point in Vancouver, so you get a breathtaking view of the city and mountains on a clear day. It also has amazing gardens with giant rhubarb plants and even bamboo.

The Art


This whole neighbourhood is like one big museum.

There is art on every corner, with beautiful murals that light up the streets. One of my favourite activities is just walking around because I'll always find some stunning wall art that I somehow had missed before.

Dude Chilling Park


I remember walking by the sign for this park for the first time and doing a double-take. I thought, "Could it actually be named that?"

It's named after a statue of, well, a dude chilling in the park. It perfectly encapsulates the chill vibe of the neighbourhood and cool aesthetic.

Main Street


Main Street is home to all of these cool shops and restaurants but deserves a whole mention of its own.

The fun street is the go-to place to find hidden gems and vibrant spaces. It's also super central but without the downtown traffic.

The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Narcity Media.

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