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These Canadian Cities Are Apparently Among The Best Places In The World To Live In Your 20s

One city even ranked better than Paris, LA and New York City. 🏙️

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These Canadian Cities Are Apparently Among The Best Places In The World To Live In Your 20s

Calling all post-1992 babies! Three Canadian cities have just been named in the top places in the world to live for people in their twenties and it might mean it's time for you to pack your bags and starting living your 20-something dream.

The ranking was put together by — a finance and insurance comparison site — and considered important factors like average monthly salary, nightlife, cost of rent, cost of a pint, ‘Instagramability' (how many times a city is featured on the site) and more.

How each city scored in each category add up to a total score out of 100.

Vancouver, which clocked an overall score of 70.4 out of 100, gained its fourth ranking overall because of its beautiful natural surroundings coupled with it’s “incredible food, culture and entertainment.”

It beat every other Canadian city on the list, as well as the likes of Los Angeles, Paris, London, New York and Berlin.

Toronto, while a far cry from Vancouver at number 20, still sits comfortably on the list. Its overall score of 53.6 out of 100 is much lower than Vancouver’s, but it does have a better score when it comes to nightlife and average cost of rent.

Maybe more importantly for Torontonians, though, is that it has Montreal beat.

Coming in at number 27 on the list is Montreal with a score of 48.4 out of 100. It scored lower overall due to its nightlife, things to do and Instagramability, but it is considered one of the more affordable cities based on the average cost of rent and beer

As for overall, the top five cities to live out your Millennial/Gen Z dreams are apparently San Francisco, Austin, Portland, Vancouver, and Chicago — in that order.

Time for a move, eh?

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