Ryan Reynolds' Birthday Was Yesterday & His Insta Was Flooded With Messages From Celebs

Happy birthday, Ryan Reynolds!

The Canadian superstar turned 45 on Saturday, October 23, and he received a slew of messages from his A-lister pals, which included, of course, some trolling.

Soccer superstar David Beckham posted this pic on his Insta story of the two men looking particularly dapper, alongside a GIF of Deadpool holding up heart hands.

After he initially posted a troll-y message wishing Reynolds a reluctant happy birthday, Hugh Jackman posted another pic of a visit he had with Reynold's and his wife Blake Lively.

Celebrity trainer Don Saladino, whose Insta profile says he trains superheroes for movies, also showed the Vancouver-native some love on his special day.

His 6 Underground co-star Adria Arjona shared a somewhat gruesome image of Reynolds holding a prop eyeball, saying "I spy a birthday boy!"

And social media personality Arron Crascall posted a collage of some of the star's biggest hits (and misses!) on his story, saying "Happy birthday to this god!"

Ryan Reynolds never shies away from supporting his "home of B.C.", and all the people within it. Sometimes this means trolling his hometown to no end, but other times it's just straight-up sweet.

In November, he tweeted a message of support, calling for people to donate to help the province recover from the extreme weather and flooding it has been facing.

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