Ryan Reynolds Childhood Photos Will Make You Love Him Even More

Calling all Ryan Reynolds fans! These old photos are so adorable and hilarious that you'll probably end up loving him even more than you already do.

You can find them by scrolling through his Instagram, which is a treasure trove of snaps from his childhood.

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Reynolds once shared this throwback photo of himself at 2 years old holding a football that's hilariously bigger than his head!

In this photo he posted for his brother Jeff's birthday, Reynolds and his brother wear matching shirts with their names on them that are pretty sweet.

Reynolds shared another photo of him and Jeff, but, in this one, they're at a beach as children and they look like they're having the time of their lives.

For his own birthday, Reynolds posted this snap of him and his dad and said, "Happy Birthday to me. Or as Dad used to affectionately say, 'the condom broke.'"

As a kid, he used to ride around his neighbourhood in style in a wagon that his brother would pull along as he rode his bike.

This image from when he was three years old in the newspaper shows him enjoying a community pool and actually mentions where he lived — 2382 Oliver Cr. in Vancouver.

Reynolds shared this photo of himself from when he was a little bit older and joked that he used to style his hair with a blowtorch. Aww, Ryan.

Maple Leaf player Jack Campbell apparently has no chill when it comes to his cats, especially when it's one of their birthdays.

The NHL goalie shared a series of photos of himself and his partner, Ashley Sonney, celebrating their feline's birthday which included a cake and balloons.

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