Canada’s Longest Pier Is Actually In BC & Not Many People Know About It

It's fun even in the pouring rain. ☔️🌊

Vancouver Editor
Canada’s Longest Pier Is Actually In BC & Not Many People Know About It

I happened to be driving through White Rock, B.C., when I discovered that it's home to Canada's Longest Pier. Of course, I had to make a stop to check it out.

Even though it was pretty cold — and pouring rain — I walked the long (very long) way to the end of the pier.

Morgan Leet | Narcity

With lights on either side of you, it's pretty magical.

If you catch it on a clear night, the sunset looks stunning.

At the end, you're so far away from shore that you feel like you're out in the middle of the ocean.

After you take a stroll on the pier, you can grab a bite to eat at one of the restaurants that line the oceanside street.

I went straight to the first place I saw with fish 'n' chips on the menu, called Charlie Don't Surf.

Morgan Leet | Narcity

It served amazing fresh fish and had a super cool atmosphere inside. Plus you get a view of the ocean while you eat.

It made for the perfect date night, and it's only 45 minutes from Vancouver!

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