People Are Saying These 5 Spots In BC Should Be Made National Parks & They’re Stunning

These places are so underrated!

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A girl at a hidden waterfall. Right: Muncho Lake, B.C.

A girl at a hidden waterfall. Right: Muncho Lake, B.C.

There are so many gorgeous spots in B.C. and people are shouting out which ones deserve to be made national narks.

A Vancouver Reddit thread was started, asking people where they would put new national parks in the province, and there were some great responses.

Some of these spots look absolutely mesmerizing and come with amazing views.

It might even be better that they're not officially national parks — because it means that they're probably less popular. You can go and check out these more low-key destinations on your next visit to B.C. and discover the ultimate hidden gems.

It's time for a summer filled with exploring!

Muncho Lake Provincial Park

One Reddit user said that they were "surprised no one mentioned connecting Jasper National Park to Muncho Lake Provincial Park following the Rockies."

Just look at that photo — the lake has bright blue water that looks like actual glass!

Great Bear Rainforest

"Great Bear Rainforest? Let's make it official and get it park status," a Reddit user said.

It's called the Great Bear Rainforest for a reason — so many adorable bear families call this place home. Plus, there are tons of other wildlife living here.

Juan de Fuca Marine Trail

"Juan de Fuca trail could really use some federal money. Connect it to Pacific Rim National park maybe," another user suggested.

It's a stunning trail with a hidden waterfall at one of the trailheads, and you will even have to walk through a canyon to see it.

Lower Similkameen Grasslands

"South Okanagan - Lower Similkameen grasslands. Unique geography & critical endangered species habitat," one user said.

Just look at all the birds that love floating on the water here — if they could talk, maybe they would agree too.

Fairy Creek

One user mentioned making Fairy Creek a National Park and many agreed.

"Not a bad idea, people, including me forget that national parks are about conservation, not just tourism," a commenter added.

There are some massive trees located here, which are breathtaking.

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