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When I moved to Canada for the first time earlier this year, there were plenty of ultra-Canadian things I wanted to check off my bucket list ASAP.

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The smallest incorporated city in all of Canada is actually in B.C. and it looks like a complete flashback in time. If you've ever wanted to have a glimpse of the old days, take a trip to Greenwood.

This tiny city is located in south-central B.C. and was a successful mining town from the late 1800s to the 1900s. It has a historic feel with buildings right out of an old western movie.

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B.C. has some seriously great places to gaze at surreal-looking nature and this spot is no exception. A beautiful wildflower festival is happening in Revelstoke, B.C. this summer and you'll want to add it to your calendar right away.

The festival runs from August 3 to August 7, as this is when the flowers are predicted to be at their peak bloom, according to the Revelstoke website.

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Believe it or not, there is an entire eerie ghost town that you can visit in a small town in B.C. where you can get your spook on this summer.

The historic town of Sandon, B.C., was once the "richest silver-lead producing region in Canada," according to the town's website.

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There are so many fun things to do, places to see and restaurants to check out in B.C., but for visitors, it might be hard to know the best places to go.

Locals are coming together in a B.C. Reddit thread to share some of their must-try stops while in the province.

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