People Want To Move To Canada More Than Any Other Country & Here Are Their Reasons Why

Canada topped a new world relocation list.

The Canadian flag hangs on a building in Ottawa, Ontario.
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The Canadian flag hangs on a building in Ottawa, Ontario.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go? According to one study, the answer to that question for many people worldwide is Canada!

Research from Compare the Market Australia analyzed which country people from around the world would most like to move to, based on their annual search volume for terms like "relocating to [country] and "moving to [country]."

A list was compiled revealing the world's most desirable countries to relocate to, and Canada took the top spot, considered a dream home for residents of 50 other countries worldwide.

According to the study, people who live in places like China, Jamaica, India, Israel, Kenya, Lebanon, Morocco, South Africa, Spain and 41 more countries would love to move to Canada.

Explaining why Canada seems like an appealing place to live, the research listed things like diversity and multiculturalism, government transparency and civil liberties.

Per the report, Canada is also considered a welcoming country for ex-pats, and it regularly ranks highly when it comes to quality of life, economic freedom and education.

On the flip side, Canadians are apparently interested in moving elsewhere. In fact, Canuck search data suggests we're looking to leave the continent altogether.

Like people from Germany, Australia, Belgium, Italy, Sweden and more, Canadians are interested in relocating to Japan.

As a "global leader in many industries such as automotive, robotics and electronics," there are employment opportunities in these sectors for those who decide to relocate.

Additionally, Japan boasts one of the highest life expectancies worldwide, so it may be considered a good place to live out your retirement!

Also ranked within the top 10 most-desirable countries to relocate to are Spain, China and France, as well as Turkey, South Africa, India, Australia and Greece.

Our neighbours to the south were not featured on the list, with no country included in the study ranking with the U.S. as their top location. Americans, on the other hand, appear to be considering a move to China more than anywhere else.

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