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This Secret Lookout In Vancouver Has A Panoramic View Of The Pacific Ocean & Mountains

Here's how to find it! 👀

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​A girl at the lookout. Right: Two girls at the lookout.

A girl at the lookout. Right: Two girls at the lookout.

This secret lookout in Vancouver is hard to find — but so worth it for the stunning ocean and mountain views.

It makes for the perfect weekend adventure close to the city, especially on a sunny day.

The hidden spot is located on a trail in West Vancouver and has a wooden platform where you can watch the BC Ferries sail away.

The little peaceful oasis is known as the Horsehoe Bay Lookout and it provides some of the most breathtaking views.

It's right beside the Horshoe Bay Ferry terminal in West Vancouver but it feels like you're totally isolated in nature when you go.

How to get there

When you know where to go, it's actually pretty easy to get to. You can drive up and basically park right next to the lookout spot. You can get there by going to Horseshoe Bay Drive — which is under the Sea to Sky Highway.

Just take Exit 2 off Highway 99, towards Horseshoe Bay Drive, and keep an eye out on the left side of the road.

In about one kilometre you will see a sign that says “Residential Area. Avoid Using Engine Brakes."

Right beside this sign, you will see a short path that leads you right up to the platform!

In total it's only 25 minutes from Downtown Vancouver by car.

So gather all your friends and start scoping out this spot because it'll make for some amazing photo opportunities.

It might just become your new favourite summer hangout spot.

You will see so many ferries coming to and from the Sunshine Coast, Vancouver Island and Bowen Island all while sitting here.

If you have a friend sailing in on a BC Ferry to the Horseshoe Bay terminal, don't forget to wave at them from the lookout so they can see you too!

Horseshoe Bay Lookout

Address: Horseshoe Bay Dr., West Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: This spot is the perfect place to get a breathtaking view — and there's no hiking required.


    Ashley Harris
    Staff Writer
    Ashley Harris was a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on restaurants in Vancouver, and is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.
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