BC Has The 'Longest Salt Water Swimming Pool In North America' & It's Right By The Ocean

It's "almost three times the length of an Olympic pool."

A girl sitting in the pool. Right: A pool with ocean views.​
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A girl sitting in the pool. Right: A pool with ocean views.

This swimming pool in Vancouver, B.C. is not your average neighbourhood hangout spot.

It's actually the longest saltwater swimming pool in North America and gets filled up by the Pacific Ocean tides. You can swim long laps in the pool, right alongside the sea.

According to Atlas Obscura, Kitsilano Pool is 450 feet long, which is "almost three times the length of an Olympic pool."

The website also said that "its waters are replenished by the changing of the tide."

The pool is super unique because it's right along the Pacific Ocean. While swimming in it, you can have some pretty stunning views of English Bay.

It is also the only saltwater swimming pool in Vancouver, according to the City of Vancouver.

The Kitsilano Pool first opened back in 1931 — so it has a long history, and generations have gotten to experience going there.

The pool has had multiple renovations though, so it may just look a little bit different and much more updated now. There are even two fun slides that go into the pool for anyone wanting to make an extra splash.

If you start to get hungry from swimming all day, there are multiple concession stands and restaurants nearby where you can grab a bite and re-charge your battery.

Every inch of this pool is photo-worthy with its light blue waters. Plus, how can you not snap a pic with these stunning mountains in the backdrop?

This pool is definitely a spot to check out with friends this summer to swim in a massive pool and see some amazing ocean views.

Kitsilano Pool

Price: $6.66

Address: 2305 Cornwall Ave., Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: This is such a unique outdoor pool to visit with friends in the summertime.


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