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These TikToks Show The Reality Of Vancouver Rent & What People Are Getting For Their Money

Want to laugh through the pain of paying rent?

Vancouver Staff Writer
​A woman talking to the camera up close. Right: A tent on a condo patio.

A woman talking to the camera up close. Right: A tent on a condo patio.

If you're planning on moving to Vancouver anytime soon, you might just want to check out some of these TikToks to see what renting in the city is actually like — and how much it'll hurt your wallet.

These TikTokers break down the reality of housing in Vancouver, how they landed their deals and what they're actually getting for their money.

One TikToker said he rents a two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment in Vancouver for $1,400 per month and it's only the beginning of his expenses.

Monthly car insurance bills, gas, groceries and utilities are just some of the other things he has to think about on top of this, bringing his total monthly costs to roughly $2400 to $2500 a month.


The price is real in #vancouver

Another Tiktoker mentioned that she pays $2,500 per month in North Vancouver and that it's actually a good deal.

She found a two-bedroom garden suite with WiFi and hydro included — although it took her a year of searching to get it.


Reply to @dem0nslayerhd rent & what we pay to live in Van!!! #vancouverbc #vancouverlife #tiktokvancouver #rentalproperty #britishcolumbia

Another TikToker actually rented an Airbnb in downtown Vancouver for $3,500 per month, which is a hefty sum for a tiny place with a murphy bed.


My personal pod for the last 5 weeks… was it worth it ? 🙈 #vancouver #vancouverrent #vancouverairbnb #costoflivingvan #vancouverrentals

Someone else posted a video to their TikTok of their apartment in the city for $2,000 a month. They also mentioned that similar units in the building go for so much higher.


honestly I don’t think I can leave 😝 (prices are so much higher for this exact unit) #vancouver #apartment #renting #vancouverapartment #vancouverealestate

Someone else posted a video of what might seem like a reasonable listing, for $1,600 a month, but when you see the details of this "furnished micro suite," you'll understand why it's cheap.

Imagine sharing a shoebox of a home like this one.


Things aren’t going well here #ReadyForHell #vancouver #rentfree

Another Vancouverite ended up finding this spot apartment at $1,750 per month. Although he did mention that, "the fact that this is 'cheap' hurts my soul"


The fact that this is “cheap” hurts my soul #fyp #hometour #apartmenttour #apartmentdecor

Some TikTokers are just straight up making fun of how much it actually costs to live in the city.


Classic “Studio apartment for $2200” #vancouverlife

Would anyone be surprised to see this tent listed for rent in Vancouver?


Joke! any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence #vancouverrents #burnaby #justjoking #reallynotreally

Whether you are thinking about renting a place soon or are just curious, these Vancouver renters give you a little perspective.

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