These Are The Cheapest Areas In Metro Vancouver To Rent A 1-Bedroom Apartment Right Now

As prices continue to rise, here's where you can find a good deal. 💰

Metro Vancouver.
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Metro Vancouver.

If you're looking to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Vancouver right now, you need to know where to look in order to avoid getting hit by rising prices.

According to a September report by, average rent prices for unfurnished, one-bedroom units in the area increased by $71 to a whopping $2,247 over the past month, a rise which it credits to the return of students and Canada's rising interest rates.

Luckily, the report also highlights some of the cheapest places to rent — and it shows that it is still possible to get a good deal.

Here are the most affordable areas to rent an unfurnished one-bedroom apartment in Metro Vancouver right now, ranked by average price in descending order.

4. Burnaby

Surprisingly, the average one-bedroom apartment to rent in Burnaby is cheaper to rent furnished than unfurnished.

A furnished one-bedroom pad is currently going for $1,946 per month, whereas an unfurnished place is averaging $2,108 per month, according to's report.

3. Coquitlam

Right now, the average unfurnished single-bedroom apartment in Coquitlam is $1,971 per month according to, while you'll pay around $2,139 per month if you're looking for something furnished. A trip to IKEA it is!

2. Surrey

Surrey is the second most affordable area of Metro Vancouver for a one-bedroom, unfurnished rental, according to the report.

The average one currently goes for $1,771 per month, which a furnished place will set you back $1,930 on average.

1. Langley

Langley has the cheapest average rent for both furnished and unfinished one-bedroom apartments in the entire Metro Vancouver area.

Currently, the average one-bedroom, unfurnished apartment goes for $1,724 per month and the same type of apartment furnished goes for $1,888.

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