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Vancouver rent prices have most people's eyes watering, so any and all advice on how to make rent cheaper is welcome.

Who better to help give some tips than everyone's new tutor/confidante/cheat sheet, ChatGPT? It turns out that the AI model had some solid and surprisingly helpful ideas when it came to saving money in Vancouver.

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The best place to live in Vancouver is a highly debated topic, that just got a little bit simpler for some thanks to a ranking of the best neighbourhoods in Vancouver for families.

These aren't exactly the cheapest areas in the city, but the ranking did lay out what it'll cost you to live in some of the most family-friendly spots.

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B.C. isn't exactly known for its cheap real estate, but a new ranking shows home buyers in the province where to invest.

Vancouver Island was ranked as one of the best regions in B.C. to buy real estate in, in 2023. Not only is the island serving up some of the best real estate opportunities apparently, but it's also a beautiful place to call home.

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Waking up to views of the ocean on your very own private island sounds like something out of a movie, but looking at photos from this listing in B.C. makes it seem a tad closer to reality.

At $5.5 million it's not exactly doable for most, but compared to some Vancouver house prices it could actually be a deal for someone.

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Vancouver real estate is a gong show of expensive proportions, and a recent listing in the Oakridge neighbourhood has garnered some attention for its shocking $10.5 million-dollar price point and unusual buyer terms: no one is allowed inside to actually view the home.

"No showing of property at Seller's request as it is being sold for land value only," the listing reads.

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