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This Dallas Home Looks Like Something Out Of The Year 3000 And It Just Hit The Market

You'll truly be living life ahead of the curve 🏠

Dallas has become a hub for insanely cool modern-style homes over the past few years, and this one is sure to stick out of the bunch.

This house just hit the market and it is truly unlike anything you may have seen, and while it may look like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie, the house was actually built just this year.

Designed by award-winning architect Josh Nimmo, the three-story house features high-end modern features, windows that bring in a perfect amount of natural light, and a rooftop patio with an amazing view of the Dallas skyline.

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This Tiny House For Sale In Dallas Will Have You Living A Disney Fairy Tale Life

Take your wildest and tiniest dreams on the road 🚙

Tiny Homes are popping up everywhere around Dallas.

Now one of them can be yours, and it is sure to stick out of the bunch.

This truly magical home just went for sale in Dallas and has the simple aesthetic of a beautiful fairy tale cottage that feels like something out of a Disney movie, and for just $49,000.

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You Can Actually Afford To Live In Downtown Dallas For Less Than $1000 A Month

The city life doesn't have break the bank

Some city dwellers have often been pushed away from their dreams of living in the concrete jungle by ridiculous rent prices. 

Downtown Dallas is no stranger to that, with some rents reaching almost $5,000 a month.

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This Glamorous Texas Home For Sale Comes With Its Own Vineyard & Winery

Don't wine if I do. 🍷

Finding a winery in Texas isn't difficult per se, however, the drive to one is a different story. With most being deep in the Texas Hill Country, it can be quite the hassle to get you and your bestie or bae there and back in a reasonable time. However, a home near Austin doubles as a winery and is currently for sale for those looking to take luxury living to the next level!

Red Wing Dove Winery in Hamilton, Texas is on the market for $2,750,000 and is 79.8 acres of pure bliss.

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Someone Is Selling This Adorable Fully Furnished Tiny Cottage Near Dallas For 55K

You just have to move in!

To be the owner of a tiny house has many benefits. First, it is so compact and cheap! Next, you can use it as your getaway retreat, as your main home or as an additional source of income by using it as a rental. So, if you've been considering joining the Tiny House Living Movement for a while, this may be a golden opportunity to do so because someone is selling this cute tiny home in Texas, and it comes fully furnished.

Located in Garland, less than 30 minutes away from Dallas, the adorable bi-color wheeled cottage is 175 square feet and brand new.

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You Can Rent Land For $500 In This New Tiny Home Neighborhood In Dallas

Tiny living is the best living.

For most of us, tiny homes are amazing getaways. Their listings on Airbnb have been great alternatives to some of the more costly hotels. While you can spend time in one for just a short vacation, now there is a small tiny village home near Dallas where you can live permanently. A whole tiny community of miniature, modern homes!

Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village is made up of 13 tiny home lots, with some still available. The lots are priced around $500 to $550 to rent. The lots come with most bills included, but you will have to pay for your own electric bill.

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