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With a constantly fluctuating U.S. housing market, it makes sense that the most desirable zip code in the States has some pretty affordable home prices, and you can thank Texas real estate for that.

In a 2023 study from HouseFresh, researchers revealed the hottest area for American homebuyers right now, and it is the quiet suburbs of Northeast Dallas.

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With the state of Texas' population booming in the past couple of years, it's only right that Texans get a few digs in at the types of people who are moving here.

TikTok user Thaddboii (@thaddboii) recently called out the flurry of Californians who continue to migrate to the Lone Star State with a cheeky real estate joke that went viral because it's just so relatable.

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They say everything is bigger in Texas. However, this phrase doesn’t necessarily apply to the cost of living and house prices in the Lone Star State.

A Texas realtor group TikTok account (@navarealtygroup) recently posted a video whichhas already gained more than 4.3 million views and thousands of comments from users making comparisons.

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This renovated shipping container for sale in Keller, Texas, looks more like a model home out of a lifestyle magazine than a DIY tiny home.

The one bedroom, one bathroom is 320 square feet of living space and features a cheery and modern design to make you feel right at home.

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It may feel to Texans that the price of nearly everything is rising. Last month, Fortune reported that the state is "front and center of the surging cost in housing."

During these difficult times for the real estate market, it's comforting to find houses for sale that are still quite affordable.

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