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This Ontario Home Under $800K Is Nestled On A Tiny Island & Has Major Tropical Vibes

It's time for a permanent vacation.

If you're tired of living in the bustle of a busy street, it may be time to take a permanent vacation with this Ontario home.

Not only does this island property let you escape the endless noise of city life, but it also lets you live every day like you are in the tropics.

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This Colourful Haliburton Home Has A Tubing River In Its Backyard & Costs Less Than $500K

It even comes with a sauna & sandy beach!

For anyone wanting to escape the bustle of everyday life, this charming house might be just what you're looking for.

Located in Minden, Ontario, the strikingly blue abode sits on 11 acres of land and is on the market for $465,000.

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The House In ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ Is For Sale In Toronto & Holy Crap, It’s Expensive

No amount of Windex will help you afford this house.

Those who grew up watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding are in for a blast from the past because the iconic Portokalos house is up for sale.

Despite the movie taking place in Chicago, the house is actually located in East York overlooking Taylor Creek, and is on the market for an eye-watering $1,999,999.

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Here Are The Cheapest Ontario Spots To Rent In RN If You're Tired Of Paying $2K A Month

The prices of rentals are starting to rise again.

Tracking down the cheapest rent in Ontario can be a daunting task, especially when prices are starting to rise again for the first time in six months.

However, a new report from has revealed that if you're looking to move out of the Greater Toronto Area and stop paying over $2,000 for rent, there are plenty of options.

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An Ontario Farm With Over 100 Fluffy Alpacas Is Up For Sale & It’s Basically Heaven

The alpacas are super chill and love to take selfies, according to the owners.

If you have ever wanted to be surrounded by alpacas like Pacha from The Emperor's New Groove, there is now a farm for sale in Ontario that will turn that fantasy into a reality.

The Meadowview Alpaca Farm in Bruce Mines went up for sale recently, and according to the listing, there are over 100 alpacas on the grounds, with 30 acres of cleared land for them to roam.

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Here’s Every Neighbourhood In Toronto Ranked By How Cheap It Is To Rent There In 2021

Bad news for Rosedale residents. 🏙️

A new report has broken down Toronto rent prices in 2021 by neighbourhood after analyzing rent data from January to April 2021.

Toronto Rentals recently published their GTA May Rent Report and it offers insight into which Toronto neighbourhoods are the cheapest and which are the most expensive for renting.

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