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This $750K Medieval Home In Ontario Is Right On The Water & Has Panoramic Mountain Views

It's got some major Game Of Thrones vibes.

This Ontario waterfront home for sale comes with gorgeous views and an interior that's full of medieval vibes.

Perched on the edge of the Ottawa River in Wendover, the two-bedroom house is currently listed for $750,000.

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This Is What $1500 In Rent Will Get You In 11 Different Ottawa Neighbourhoods

Move into a two-bedroom unit! 🏠

The price of Ottawa apartments can vary greatly depending on their location in the city.

You can get a two-bedroom unit with granite counters or a shoebox-sized one-bedroom for roughly the same price.

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Here's What It's Actually Like To Live On A Private Island In Ontario

The owners of Ontario's Duval Island say it isn't all island-life paradise.

Living on a private island in Ontario during the pandemic probably sounds ideal to some, but most people wouldn't have the courage to go for it. 

Jamie and Roger White are the exceptions, though. The couple owns Duval Island, located at the northern tip of Lake Huron, Ontario.

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This Ontario Private Island With Multiple Houses & Trails Is Amazingly Cheap (PHOTOS)

It also has lilac, blueberry and raspberry gardens!

If you're ready to sink your cash into some real estate, you might as well do it on your own private island.

Duval Island, located off the coast of Echo Bay, Ontario, is five-and-a-half acres of island paradise, but it costs less than a condo in downtown Toronto.

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These Unexpected Ontario Spots Are Canada's Most Googled Cities For Buying A Home

None of them are anywhere close to Toronto.

The most frequently Googled destinations for buying a home were just released and it turns out that Canadians have a keen interest in these Ontario cities.

New data from Google Blog show that half of the top ten cities Canadians are searching for are in Ontario.

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This Massive Ontario Home Is The Buckingham Palace Of Cottages & Costs Under $600K

If there are any former royals out there looking for a bargain...

If all the recent talk of royals has got you itching for your own private castle, this Ontario house on the St. Lawrence River might be perfect for you.

Built in 1860, this massive home has all the history that a monarch could want plus all the coziness and affordability of a rural Ontario cottage.

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