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For students and young professionals wanting to live in Ottawa, the struggle is real to find somewhere affordable in a place where prices seem to go nowhere but up (18% in 2022 alone!).

At times like these, it pays off to be smart about your housing options. One of the best things you can do is look for places that come with any kind of living cost included.

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Anyone familiar with Ottawa’s rental market knows how hard it is to find an affordable apartment in a good location, especially if you're a student or young professional who wants to be close to everything.

Even if you luck upon a place, the cost of living in it (bills, bills, bills) is enough to push it right back out of your budget.

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When fall hits in Ottawa, the search for the perfect place to get cozy for the winter begins for many locals.

But the cost of rental units is soaring right now — in September, the average projected price for a one-bedroom apartment in the capital was $1,820, according to That’s up $128 from the $1,692 average renters saw in July.

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Choosing where to live is a big deal since it's where you probably spend most of your time every day.

If your next chapter includes a move and you’re looking for a place to live your best life, there's a chic new rental building called Story of Rideau and Chapel™ in town.

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This may be your chance to enter the housing market, Ottawa homebuyers! As per the Ottawa Real Estate Board's latest numbers, last month's home sales are down nearly 30%, but more listings are up and the market is apparently finally getting back to normal for the city.

According to the latest OREB news release, housing sales are cooling way off this summer. Sales in June have taken a 29% dip with 614 fewer sales for the month compared to what it saw last year.

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