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We have stumbled upon what might be the most adorable cottage for sale in Quebec and somehow it's wildly affordable. The rustic little a-frame is located in Val-Morin which is about an hour away from Montreal.

It's nearly 13,000 square feet with two bedrooms, one bathroom, and endless natural light from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

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What a perfect place to take in the natural beauty of autumn. This Mont Tremblant house for sale has stunning views of the fall colours every year and costs the same as a condo in Toronto but with tons more space.

If you're looking to buy property somewhere beautiful or just like to daydream about it, this 2,100 square foot home will take your breath away.

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So much space outside and the inside isn't too shabby either. This Mont-Tremblant house for sale comes with an indoor bar, a gym-space, multiple jacuzzi tubs and a gigantic lake in the backyard. The best part is, the whole thing is totally private!

Located in Saint-Jovite, a neighbourhood in Mont-Tremblant, this 4,940 square ft. house is on the market for $998,000.

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This is truly luxurious! A Montreal mansion for sale has a full-on professional bowling alley in the basement and so many other lavish details. It's no wonder the home has such a hefty price tag.

In the borough of Ahuntsic-Cartierville in Montreal, this home is on the market for $4,990,000.

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If you've ever dreamed about living in the lap of luxury, you'll wish you had the funds to live here. This Quebec mansion is so extravagant both inside and out that it looks just like a castle and even has Versace floor tiles. Yes, that Versace. Talk about lavish!

With such opulence, it's not shocking that this mansion is listed for $2,699,000.

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