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As if people needed any more reason to move to Texas, a recent viral TikTok shows off just how cheap you can get an apartment in the Houston area.

TikTok user Abby Saavedra (@abby_saavedra) recently toured a brand-new two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in the Houston suburb of Cypress available for $1,570 in monthly rent.

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People around the globe are often gobsmacked when they find out just how low the prices of houses are in Texas.

Realtor Isaiah Ramos (@isaiah_ramos_rgv_realtor) recently shared a TikTok video showing a massive four-bedroom, freshly constructed house for sale in Alamo, TX, and its $366,500 price tag is shocking so many users.

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Living deep in the heart of Houston has been a dream of many but has often been unachievable due to the high rent costs.

But, despite what you may have heard, one apartment featured in the beautiful skyline might not be so out of reach.

The Houston House apartments, located smack in the middle of downtown, offer a studio apartment with a view that will drop your jaw for just $924 a month.

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Have you ever wanted to live in a house that seems like it was built for ancient gods?

Well, you can but you'll need about $30 million dollars in the bank.

This insanely huge mansion in Houston just shows that everything really is bigger in Texas.

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Many are quick to call Houston their home, especially since the city has seemingly endless hometown pride. It takes a lot to afford an apartment in HTX, especially in the Galleria area and River Oaks, which is why investing in somewhere tropical might be more worth your time. These six affordable islands are cheaper to buy than some of those highrise apartments and condos in Houston, and we guarantee they'll be worth your while. 

With prices for central Houston apartments hitting in the millions, these islands might not seem like the worst idea.

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