Here's What You Can Get For $1 Million In The Edmonton Condo Market (PHOTOS)

There's a car wash in the building. 💸

All things considered, a $1 million Edmonton condo isn’t that bad when you take a look at what you can actually get for that price. 

Right now, a two-bedroom, two full bathroom condo in Edmonton is retailing for $1,169,000 and it’s surprisingly big. 

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This Country Home For Sale In Alberta Is Hiding A Secret Hang-Out Space In The Barn

The barn even has a bar! 😍

If you're in the market for some eye-catching real estate in Alberta, we've found you a place. 

This country home for sale in Alberta is so epic that it would tempt Brad Paisley to move to the province. The property comes with a massive barn that's got everything you need to make it the ultimate place for hosting.

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Edmonton's Iconic Donut Shop Is For Sale For $248k & They'll Even Teach You How To Run It

Why not buy yourself a job?

If your dream is to run an adorable coffee shop that's beloved by locals, this is your chance. 

An iconic donut shop in Edmonton named Take 5 was recently put up for sale. If you decide to purchase the property, you'll even be trained on running the business.   

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This $3.5M Edmonton Mansion Makes Alberta Look Better Than Beverly Hills

More like 90210 AB. 🌴

It's not often that you hear Alberta and California in the same sentence, but there's a unique house that totally warrants a comparison. We found an Edmonton mansion that looks more like it belongs in Malibu than Canada. It's got such strong Cali-vibes that it's giving Beverly Hills a run for their money.

The $3.5 million dollar pad has an epic patio space complete with a turquoise outdoor pool. It's almost enough to make a pool aficionado like Drake take an interest.

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Alberta Mansion For Sale Is So Fancy Anyone Who Buys It Will Go 'Full Kook'

Fit for 'Outer Banks' royalty.

Are you obsessed with Outer Banks? If you've already binged watched the first season on Netflix, then you have to see this house in Canada. There is an Alberta mansion for sale that is so fancy you should only buy it if you are ready to go "full kook."

Forget Pogue life, if you can find enough cash you can live just like the rich people in the Outer Banks. The eye-catching Magrath Mansion in Edmonton is now for sale, and it is so grand it will make your jaw drop. 

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This Alberta Mansion Has Slides Between Floors Since You're Too Rich For Stairs (PHOTOS)

There's also a movie theatre, a skating rink, and so many garages.

As children, we all had outlandish ideas about what we wanted in a home one day. Some of us wanted movie theatres, some of us wanted slides instead of stairs. Now that we're older, we're realizing that some people actually have those things, so our dreams might not have been so outlandish, after all. When we look at Edmonton homes for sale, a specific property stands out to our childhood selves. 

Located in Parkland, this custom-built home sits on top of two acres and is 6,880 square feet itself.

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