You won't need to catch a flight for your much-deserved tropical vacation this winter. Join us in celebrating because the pool at Hotel Arts in Calgary is officially winterizing. 

Beginning thanksgiving long weekend, the patio pool we know and love will be undergoing a renovation to install a winter “toque.”

This winter toque will be a winter-proof canopy that'll go over the top of the pool and surrounding patio. This will keep it sunny inside and always 24 C. 

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Courtesy of Hotel Arts

Courtesy of Hotel Arts

Fraser Abbot, director of business development at Hotel Arts, told Narcity that this was a way to create an “endless summer” because as it blizzards outside, you’ll get to sit cozy indoors next to the cozy pool while drinking cocktails and listening to music. 

Altogether, there'll be room for 46 people and hotel guests will have first priority over securing a spot.

You’ll need to book your spot and this can be done either when you book your hotel room or by emailing the hotel directly. 

If you’re a non-hotel user, you will have 90 uninterrupted minutes to use the pool and all the order drinks, whereas hotel guests will have a two-hour time limit. 

The tropical paradise will be open during the hotel's operating hours and it'll only cost $20 per non-hotel guest to use.

Patio Pool at Hotel Arts

Price: $20

When: Starting Thanksgiving Weekend

Address: 119 12 Ave. S.W., Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: It's the best and fanciest way to escape the cold without breaking the bank.