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This Alberta Micro-Home For Sale Is The Cutest Thing & It Only Costs $58k

You can even take it on the road!

Are the recent real estate prices making you want to pull your hair out? Look no further because there are actually some fun and affordable options out there. Among them is the micro-home, a small but exciting type of home that will check all your boxes. This tiny home for sale in Alberta will open your eyes to the wonders of living the tiny life.

We've seen that these tiny homes are everywhere in B.C. but they're not always as easy to come by in Alberta. This particular micro-home is located in Edmonton, Alberta, according to the listing.

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But the cool thing about this sort of house is that it's built to be mobile. This means you can lug it around wherever you go and never have to worry about missing your comfy bed when you're road tripping. 

The 288-square-foot mobile house comes with a loft bedroom, a kitchen, and a fully modern bathroom.

It may seem small but there's plenty of space available thanks to its simple, open design. 

With hardwood flooring and walls made out of spruce, you will feel cozy and warm at all times. There's also a powerful propane heater installed, so you don't have to worry about withstanding the harsh Alberta winters. 

The kitchen's got plenty of shelf space and even a custom-built spice rack.

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Complete with a fully-functional sink and fridge, you will be able to cook up whatever you want.

The bathroom's pretty nice, too. With a bath, shower, and a flush toilet, it feels like just any other bathroom in any other house. 

You can also get an on-demand tank-less water heater. 

The structure comes with a porch and a step addition, which can also be moved around. 

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The tiny home was built on skids and therefore can be transported via a flat deck trailer. 

Never has off-the-grid living seemed so attractive.

The home's listed at $58,000 and you can also apply for financing to ease the cost. 

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It's a fantastic option if you want to live comfortably without breaking the bank. This house covers all the basic amenities with a side of peace and quiet. 

Custom Built Edmonton Tiny Home

Price: $58,000

Address: Edmonton, AB

Description: A cozy mobile house that will offer you all the amenities without the million-dollar price tag. 

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