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An Adorable 'Rustic Chic' Tiny Home Is For Sale In BC & You Can Take It Wherever You Want

You'd never want to leave that cute little loft.
An Adorable 'Rustic Chic' Tiny Home Is For Sale In BC & You Can Take It Wherever You Want

Buying a home in B.C. can be an absolute nightmare. Which is why you've got to keep an eye out for alternatives that will offer comfortable living at a reasonable price. This tiny home for sale in B.C. is ideal if you're looking for someplace cozy, chic, and affordable. 

The home is located in the region of Delta, British Columbia, but keep in mind that this baby is on wheels. Therefore, you can drive your home to wherever you want and embrace nomadic living to your heart's content. 

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It may be a mobile home but there's nothing about this place that feels like a traditional trailer.

The super-cozy wooden interior is the most homey thing you've ever seen on wheels. It's also got rustic vibes that'll remind you what the West Coast is all about. 

The total size of this baby is 176 square feet, according to the listing.

This may not seem like much but if you're looking to get away from people in a peaceful space that's yours and only yours, this investment should check all your boxes. 

Within the 176 square feet, there is adequate room for a chic living area, a fully-functional kitchen and bathroom, and an upstairs loft bedroom. 

MINT Tiny House Company | Tiny House Listings

Other amenities mentioned in the listing include plenty of storage space near the loft, a 24-inch stainless steel refrigerator, a full washer-dryer set, propane on-demand hot water, and more. 

There are also skylights above the loft upstairs so you can stargaze the nights away. 

Plus, the many windows set around the home will provide a light and airy feel that will make you feel like you've got all the space in the world. 

MINT Tiny House Company | Tiny House Listings

The bathroom comes complete with a traditional flush system and a shower, whereas the kitchen is equipped with multiple shelves, a propane oven, and a sink. 

This tiny home model is priced at $81,200. But if you want to add more amenities or details to your home, you can contact the manufacturer listed and get a custom home set up for you. 

There are additional financial options available if you can't come up with the whole amount at once. 

MINT Tiny House Company | Tiny House Listings

If you're in the market for real estate and you're looking for a unique but cheap purchase that will get you away from the hustle and bustle, this might be the jackpot for you. 

BC Tiny Home 

Price: $81,200

Address: Delta, BC

Description: A chic, rustic mobile home that offers plenty of peace and quiet and still won't break the bank. 

MINT Tiny House Company | Tiny House Listings

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