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Real Estate

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A Virginia woman moved to Miami, FL, and now rents a two-bedroom, high-rise apartment for just $1,295/month. She gave a TikTok tour of her place, and, as competitive as the South Florida real estate market is, you bet her followers' jaws dropped.

The renter, Margaret Skiff, posted the video on March 16 and has since received 279.6K views, with many people flooding her comment section wondering how she got that price.

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The rental market in South Florida has been one of the most challenging in the last year, and now one city in the area is being looked at as the No. 1 place to find a new apartment for 2023.

RentCafe analyzed Yardi Matrix apartment data that looked at 178 U.S. cities' multi-family properties and highlighted the year they were built, the number of new complexes in quality locations, the size of the units and the occupancy.

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Another celebrity home has hit the Miami housing market, and it is none other than Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. They are selling their luxurious waterfront mansion in the Bay Point community secured with a guard gate.

According to Compass, the real estate company the Hollywood couple is using, they bought their home in September of 2021 at $11,888,000, which is over $5M less than what they are selling it for at a whopping $16,995,000.

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Rap superstar, Lil Wayne, is selling his massive mansion in Miami Beach, located on Allison Island. Lately, he's been living in Hidden Hills, California, and after keeping ownership of both properties, the Florida home is now on the market...and it's so expensive.

In fact, the price tag is almost double what he purchased it for! Back in December of 2018, Wayne bought the place for $16,750,000.

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This Opinion article is part of a Narcity Media series. The views expressed are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Narcity Media.

Looking for a Florida apartment has been one of the biggest nightmares of my adult life thus far.

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