This $17M Dollar Home For Sale In Florida Has A Jaw-Dropping Interior

The amenities make it like living in a private resort 😍

If you've ever daydreamed about what it'd be like to be rich, chances are you have your dream home in mind. From sky-high ceilings to waterfall framed pools and spa-like bathrooms, you're likely to have a list of amenities that you'd love to have in your future house. If not, this multi-million dollar home for sale in West Palm Beach Florida will give you a lotta bit of inspiration.

Miami may be known for having some seriously expensive homes, but the photos of this epic abode on the market with selling agent Burt Minkoff of Douglas Elliman of Florida will really have you wishing you had the cash to throw at it.

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This Seaside Castle In Florida Is For Sale & It Can Be Your Happily Ever After

It's a real life sand castle!🏰🌊

If you’ve ever dreamed of living in a castle with an ocean view, you don’t need to travel to the Scottish Highlands or the Tuscan coast in search of one. If you're looking for a home for sale in the gorgeous Florida Keys, this magical stone castle just hit the market, and it looks like the scene of a modern-day fairy tale. With an ocean view and plenty of windows, this is one tower you may not feel too sour about getting stuck in.

One of the oldest remaining structures in the Keys, it’s made from native coral rock and has quite the history.

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You Can Take Your Dream Cabin On The Road With This Cheap Tiny Home For Sale In Florida

If you love cabins but not their hefty price tags, this could be your dream come true.

Tiny houses have become all the rage in the Sunshine State. People who are looking to downsize but avoid apartment life are increasingly turning to buy houses no bigger than a garage. If you're in the hunt for one of these pint-sized houses, this Ft. Pierce tiny home for sale might be your dream come true.

It's a bit unlike the normal tiny house, mainly because the house is made out of wood inside and out.

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You'll Feel Like You Live In A Galaxy Far Away In This Rare 'UFO Home' For Sale In Florida

Live in a Star Wars universe, you could.

A new house just hit the market in Florida, and while that’s a routine enough event, the fact that it’s rare and looks like it’s about to levitate into the sky is decidedly not so routine. This UFO-esque house is a unique Florida oddity, and the more you learn about it, the cooler it becomes. If you’ve got the budget for it, this super cool UFO home for sale in Florida could be yours to whiz off to a galaxy far, far away in.

If there was ever a real-life house that looked like it belonged on Tatooine, it’s the Key Largo UFO home. Architect nerds may recognize the work of Peter Vander Klout, who designed quite a few of these spaceship-looking homes throughout the Sunshine State in the 70s.

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This Florida City Was Ranked The Worst In America To Rent In & It's Shockingly Not Miami

It was truly shocking.

When one thinks of the worst place to rent in America, Miami is usually the first place to come to mind. The Magic City didn't top WalletHub's rankings of Worst Places To Rent, shockingly. Another South Florida city took its place in 2020: Hialeah.

Coming in at 182, renting in Hialeah is less cost-effective for those who are unable to buy a house, according to WalletHub. Currently, Bismarck, North Dakota, is the new hotspot for anyone looking for lower rent prices. So now might be the perfect time to make a move to the Midwest from South Florida.

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This Miami Company Will Build You An Epic Treehouse You’ll Actually Want To Live In

You definitely won't be asking "Drake, where's the door?" either!

If you’ve ever fantasized of escaping to the lofty treetop castle of your dreams right in your own back yard, then dream no more! This Florida company, Miami Tree House Builders, will custom-craft the ultimate treehouse that you'll never want to leave. While they’re based in the 305, they service all of Florida and will even travel up the East Coast. And don't worry, all of their doors actually come installed.

Proud to be Miami’s only treehouse builders, this company has been sculpting fantastical lofty tree homes since 1999. Along with gorgeous custom designs, they’ll make your new treetop home even more fun with optional additions of zip lines, slides, bridges, swings, and more.

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