This Florida City Is The No. 1 Place To Find A 'New' Apartment In 2023 & It's Close To Miami

It's still comes with a hefty monthly price tag.

Mizner Park.
Florida Associate Editor

Mizner Park.

The rental market in South Florida has been one of the most challenging in the last year, and now one city in the area is being looked at as the No. 1 place to find a new apartment for 2023.

RentCafe analyzed Yardi Matrix apartment data that looked at 178 U.S. cities' multi-family properties and highlighted the year they were built, the number of new complexes in quality locations, the size of the units and the occupancy.

Boca Raton, FL, which is just about one hour north of Miami was crowned the winner across America. In the last 10 years, the city had a 50.2% increase in new apartments and 96.2% of new buildings were constructed in well-maintained locations.

However, the highly competitive market is still in good standing. 91.9% of the new rentals are occupied.

According to RentCafe, the average apartment size in the Boca area is 1,027 square feet. So, what's the cost of these places?

A quick Zillow search shows that you won't be paying much less than $2,000/month to even reach the average size.

One 1,018-square-foot property, which is smaller than average, is listed for $2,400/month.

While these units might be new or renovated on the inside, you'll have to commit to a pretty hefty price tag. However, you will be near many public schools, gorgeous beaches and even nightlife, like the bustling Mizner Park area.

The only other Florida city that made it on RentCafe's Top 20 list is Orlando, FL, in the seventh spot.

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Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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