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It’s well known that Atlanta is the reigning Hollywood of the South, so no surprise that a-list musicians, actors, athletes, influencers are continuing to abandon their California abodes for greener pastures in Georgia.

What attracts these celebrities? It may be the enviable tax cuts for film and entertainment projects, favorable weather, and Southern hospitality — or combination of all these elements.

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Mariah Carey's lavish mansion in Atlanta, Georgia can't seem to sell and she's dropped the price by more than half a million dollars in hopes for buyers to be interested. The singer decreased the listing so much, it's on the market for almost as much as she purchased it for.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that she bought the home for $5.65 million in November 2021. Less than a year later she put up the estate for $6.5 million.

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With rental prices skyrocketing across Southern U.S. cities, deals in the housing market are seemingly harder to come by. But this loft for rent for just $1,230 in the swanky Buckhead neighborhood in Atlanta, GA has grabbed the attention of both locals and content creators online.

Located at 2025 Peachtree Rd., the lofts at 2025 can be rented at monthly rates varying from $945 to $1,999. According to RentHop, the average cost of rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the previously mentioned area is $2,300/month.

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An iconic home in pop culture is currently listed on Zillow and Stranger Things fans will identify every corner of this property. That’s right, we are talking about Will, Joyce, and Jonathan Byers’ house — and it looks spookier in real life.

Located in Fayetteville, GA, the house is listed for $300,000. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and is currently under contract, according to the posting.

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A video went viral this week for taking you through a virtual walkthrough tour of a townhome for rent in Southwest Atlanta, GA at an unbeatable price.

Appletree Townhomes on 2328 Campbellton Rd. lists their one bedroom, one bathroom "Ambrosia" rental for just $725/monthly.

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