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Mariah Carey Can't Sell Her Atlanta Mansion & The New Price Is Almost What She Paid (PHOTOS)

She recently dropped the priced dramatically.

Mariah Carey and her two dogs during quarantine. Right: Mariah Carey cooking.

Mariah Carey and her two dogs during quarantine. Right: Mariah Carey cooking.

Florida Associate Editor

Mariah Carey's lavish mansion in Atlanta, Georgia can't seem to sell and she's dropped the price by more than half a million dollars in hopes for buyers to be interested. The singer decreased the listing so much, it's on the market for almost as much as she purchased it for.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that she bought the home for $5.65 million in November 2021. Less than a year later she put up the estate for $6.5 million.

However, the nine-bedroom, nine-bathroom, 4-half-bathroom humble abode hadn't been getting much traction, presumably because the Sandy Springs neighborhood has been under watch. There was a plethora of break-ins reported in August. Most of the victims were celebrities, including Carey.

Though the reasoning is unclear, the pop singer took matters into her own hands and lowered the value to $5,995,000, according to Ansley Real Estate's website.

The mansion is on a private, gated hilltop with a spacious four acres. The Southern-style home has a modern twist with dark woods and a white marble interior.

It includes a pool house, an at-home theatre, a workout room and a private guest suite. There's even a recording booth on the third floor.

Back in 2002, Mariah Carey showed off an old residence she lived in on MTV Cribs revealing her upscale and elegant taste. This 12,575-square-foot property resembles that same vibe.

If Carey lucks out on selling her home, she would make a profit of only $345,000 from the difference in the price of what she paid vs. what it's currently listed for.

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