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stranger things filming locations

An iconic home in pop culture is currently listed on Zillow and Stranger Things fans will identify every corner of this property. That’s right, we are talking about Will, Joyce, and Jonathan Byers’ house — and it looks spookier in real life.

Located in Fayetteville, GA, the house is listed for $300,000. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and is currently under contract, according to the posting.

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Production for Netflix's hit series Stranger Things has called Georgia home for four long seasons.

There are many spots around the Peach State that fans can pay a visit to see firsthand where some of the show's most iconic scenes were shot.

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The hit Netflix original series, Stranger Things, has captured the attention of millions of viewers for the past three seasons, and now season five is on its way.

What some might not know is that it's filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as a few other surrounding cities, and you can actually visit quite a few of the locations featured in the series.

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Stranger Thingsfans in Toronto rejoice because a watching party is coming to the 6ix this weekend, and it looks more epic than Steve's hair.

RendezViews West, by The Ballroom, is hosting a screening for guests to attend and enjoy the first episode of Stranger Things season four.

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Abandoned mansions always ignite a flicker of curiosity in people. Still, the fact that this historic estate has ties to the Coca-Cola empire was the sugary sweet cherry on top.

Briarcliff Mansion was originally inhabited by Asa Griggs "Buddy" Candler Jr., son of Coca-Cola's cofounder. What once was a grand mansion filled with lavish parties, and exotic animals is now left in crumbling decay.

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