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Donald Trump Says He's Approving A $22 Billion Railway From Alaska To Alberta

The railway plans to land just outside Edmonton.
Railway From Alaska To Alberta: Donal Trump Says He's Approving The $22 Billion Project

A massive railway is coming to Alberta. On Friday, September 25, U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted that he going to approve a cross-border railway from Alaska to Alberta

In his tweet, Trump said that he will be issuing a "Presidential Permit" for the A2A (Alaska to Alberta) railway based on the recommendations of Alaska politicians Dan Sullivan and Don Young. 

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According to A2A Rail, this "world-class infrastructure project" will generate up to 18,000 jobs for Canadians. 

They said that the train will be transporting resources like oil, grain, and minerals. CBC News reported that the rail could also be transporting passengers down the line. 

The railway will start from Anchorage, Alaska, go through Yukon, slightly touch the Northwest Territories, and end up just outside of Edmonton, Alberta. 

In Alberta, the line is expected to link up with other Canadian rails. 

According to Global News, the rail will need to go through an American review process and secure other licenses and permits for the Alaskan side of the rail.

As for Canada, the A2A rail will need to undergo an environmental impact assessment before securing tons of other permits and approvals for the project. 

The article's right cover photo was used for illustrative purposes only. 

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