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6 Houses For Sale In Canada's Most Googled Cities That Are Less Than $500K

These homes are fit for a family.🏡
6 Houses For Sale In Canada's Most Googled Cities That Are Less Than $500K

According to data from Google, Canadians who are searching for homes are eyeballing some cities more than others.

Narcity has compiled a list of six houses for sale right now in the country's most googled cities, and they cost less than $500K!

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Orléans House


Address: 443 Canotia Pl., Orléans, ON 

Description: Orléans, Ontario came in at number two on the most searched city for homes on google, and it appears it's for good reason because this home is a steal at $370K.

The house is super affordable and has a stylish and modern flair. This could also be a great home to raise a family, seeing as it's in Ottawa.

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Clarington House

Price: $475,000

Address: 3380 Concession Rd.,Clarington, ON

Description: The city of Clarington topped the list at number three for most-searched locations. This two-bedroom home will set you back $475K, and it is described as a 65-acre "piece of paradise."

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Kawartha Lakes House

Price: $499,900

Address: 20 Holtom St., Kawartha Lakes, ON

Description: This manicured bungalow is fit for a family and located in an "upscale neighbourhood."

The location also came in sixth place in the most sought-after places to purchase a home in Canada.

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London House

Price: $449,900

Address: 1087 Trafalgar St., London, ON

Description: London, Ontario, ranked seventh on the most-searched list.

This three-bedroom home is described as "charming" and features a great backyard.

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Laval House

Price: $449,000

Address: 7703 rue des Amandiers, Laval (Duvernay), QC

Description: This home in Quebec has a fenced yard and patio that is perfect for children to run around and play in.

The city was the eighth on the list.

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Langley House

Price: $339,900

Address: 9080 198 St., Langley, BC

Description: This gorgeous home is situated in a gated community, and is near a trail surrounded by tall trees.

With Langely coming in at number 10 on the list, this place is definitely a bang for your buck at under $350K.

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