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9 Magical Christmas Movies On Netflix Canada That Aren't Hallmark

Celebrate the season with a festive flick. 🍿
9 Christmas Movies On Netflix Canada That Aren't Hallmark

It is time to grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy all the holiday magic. With so many Christmas movies on Netflix Canada, there is something for everyone.

For all of you having a hard time picking which to watch first, this list is for you. These heart-warming movies are perfect for watching while wrapping gifts or sipping a mug of hot chocolate.

The next time you don't know what to do, it is time to stream one of the options below.

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Release Date: Currently Streaming

In this romantic comedy, two singles who hate the holiday season agree to be each other's plus-one for all the seasonal events.

Operation Christmas Drop

Release Date: Currently streaming

Congressional aide Erica is sent on assignment to investigate an Air Force base's Operation Christmas Drop, which provides gifts to nearby islands.

The Knight Before Christmas

Release Date: Currently streaming

A medieval knight is magically transported to present-day Ohio and falls for a science teacher.

Holiday in the Wild

Release Date: Currently streaming

Recently single, Kate travels to Africa to go on a safari. While on vacation, she helps a mission to save elephants and meets a charming pilot.

A Christmas Prince

Release Date: Currently streaming

It is a Netflix original movie about a journalist who tries to get the scoop on a prince by travelling to his palace. The second and third installments of the series are also available to watch.

Christmas Inheritance

Release Date: Currently streaming

In this film, an heiress is sent by her father to deliver a letter to an old friend. But instead of the lavish way she is used to living, she must go incognito with only $100 in her wallet.

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Release Date: Currently streaming

It is a musical about a toymaker Jeronicus Jangle whose apprentice steals his creation. It is up to his granddaughter to help him regain his holiday spirit.

The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again

Release Date: Thursday, November 19

It is the sequel to the 2018 movie, where a Chicago baker and duchess trade places. Now Duchess Margaret needs help from Stacey to save her relationship with Kevin.

The Holiday Calendar

Release Date: Currently streaming

In this romantic movie, a photographer gets an antique advent calendar, which she believes can predict her future.

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