This House For Sale Has Stunning Views Of Fall Colours & Costs The Same As A Toronto Condo

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Mont Tremblant House For Sale Shows Off Fall Colours & Costs The Same As A Toronto Condo
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What a perfect place to take in the natural beauty of autumn. This Mont Tremblant house for sale has stunning views of the fall colours every year and costs the same as a condo in Toronto but with tons more space.

If you're looking to buy property somewhere beautiful or just like to daydream about it, this 2,100 square foot home will take your breath away.

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The house in the heart of Mont Tremblant's old village is on the market for $500,000 and has five bedrooms and four bathrooms.

Inside there are exposed beams throughout the main floor and lots of wood details which give the home a rustic feel.

Each of the five bedrooms is so spacious and the perfect place to end the day.

The lower level has two of the home's five bedrooms along with another cozy living space.

There's a beautiful yard where you can take in the fall colours. Plus, it has a direct view of the slopes

Fall Colours Home

Price: $500,000

Address: Mont Tremblant, QC

Description: This 2,100 square foot home is right in the old village and walking distance to restaurants, mountain biking spots and the beach. It's a perfect place to see the fall colours every year.

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