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Having $1 million in the bank is not something most people experience in their lifetime, yet it wasn't too long ago that it couldn't even get you into Toronto's real estate market.

But, according to Strata, Toronto's housing landscape has shifted. It's no longer an impenetrable fortress selling average one-bedrooms for millions. It's changed.

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At this point, hearing that Toronto rent prices went up is like hearing that the sun has risen. Yes, we know, now let us sleep. But, some spikes are just too drastic to brush off.

According to and Bullpen Research & Consulting's latest National Rent Report, the average rent increased more than 20% year-over-year in August in five Canadian cities for condominium rentals and apartments.

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Is Toronto your ride-or-die? Are you looking for a way to put roots down in the 6ix without winning the lottery? Are you sick of being baited by questions? Well, then. Let's look at condos.

According to Strata, the city's condo market has dropped by 9% since February, a shift that has sellers willing to negotiate. As a result, buyers are now routinely paying almost 2% under asking, whereas 6 months ago, they were paying 10% over asking.

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Getting up to pee in the middle of the night is a universal issue, and this Toronto home may have the solution.

If you have about $2 million to spare, you could become the owner of a unique property that happens to have a toilet in one of its bedrooms.

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Off The Top: '90s babies rejoice! Blockbuster is back… sort of. A new bar opened in Florida boasting $1 movie rentals and the iconic yellow-and-blue decor. Because where else will you find every Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen movie ever made?

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