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toronto real estate

Canadian rents continued to trend upwards last month — no doubt a reflection of short supply and roaring demand in markets across the country.

A new report from and Urbanation shows that the average asking rent clocked in at $2,149 in September, marking yet another record high. That figure is up 1.5% month over month and 11.1% year over year.

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The Toronto real estate market may still play host to some of the most expensive homes in Canada, but one gem on the market looks to be a diamond in the rough.

Not only is this a cheap home for sale, but it is the cheapest house for sale in all of Toronto right now, listed for under $250,000.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of the Toronto real estate market, it might often seem like finding something affordable is a Herculean task, especially for newcomers to Canada's housing market. It's no wonder.

Toronto's average detached home price hovers around $1.43 million, but don't let that number put a damper on your dreams.

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The Toronto real estate market is anything but price-friendly these days but that doesn't mean it's impossible to find a detached home that's more within your budget.

While the average price of a detached house in Toronto is now $1.43 million, there are still some more affordable Toronto neighbourhoods where the cost of a home is less than $1 million.

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Remember the iconic garage entrance in Scott Pilgrim vs The World? The very door that led to Michael Cera's apartment in the film? Well, folks, that door can be yours, along with the rest of this gorgeous 3-storey brick Toronto house for sale.

Nestled in the prestigious Wychwood/Hillcrest Village area, the house is a real charmer. It's been owned and adored by the same family for over seven decades, and it's easy to see why. We're talking 5 bedrooms, a sunroom, and a backyard with a BBQ setup that's as palpable as a Pilgrim combo.

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