A Man Called Out Californians For Hiking Up Texas' House Prices & Locals Love The Blame Game

"Californians mess up everything."

Texas Staff Writer
A man in a black shirt and hat in the viral TikTok.

A man in a black shirt and hat in the viral TikTok.

With the state of Texas' population booming in the past couple of years, it's only right that Texans get a few digs in at the types of people who are moving here.

TikTok user Thaddboii (@thaddboii) recently called out the flurry of Californians who continue to migrate to the Lone Star State with a cheeky real estate joke that went viral because it's just so relatable.

In the clip, the user acted like a real estate agent showing off a fake listing in McKinney, TX in 2014 priced at $365K. Fast-forwarding to 2023, the content creator shows the same house now listed for a whopping $1.3 million.

When the pretend clients asked why the price went up over the years, the agent's blame was one many Texans like to use: "I don't know? Californians?"


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In one week, the social clip has amassed over 777K views and comments from Texans, who are commiserating about pricey homes these days as well as complaining about the movers coming from the West.

"Californians mess up everything," one user wrote in the comment section of the viral post.

Others shared their experiences of their own house's price increasing drastically.

"My parent's house was 200k and now it’s 800k, and we bought it in 2016," another person shared.

Though Thaddboii's TikTok situation was fake, Texas' house prices have, indeed, risen around the state over the years, and the Texas A&M University's Texas Real Estate Research Center housing data from over the past 33 years is proof.

The research shows the average home price in the state in 2014 was $237,899, whereas last year in 2022 we saw an average of $413,687.

Now, this isn't a direct result of the influx of Cali movers, but it definitely has affected. According to Rice University Urban Researcher William Fulton, over 80,000 Californians moved to Texas in 2018 and 2019.

Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
Brittany Cristiano is a Staff Writer for Narcity’s USA Desk focused on viral TikToks, and trending local characters in the Southern United States. She is based in Houston, Texas.
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