Many Celebrities Moved To Texas Recently & They All Chose This City

They're all neighbors with Matthew McConaughey, now!

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Chris Harrison and Lauren Zima smiling. Right: Jamie Lynn Sigler.

Chris Harrison and Lauren Zima smiling. Right: Jamie Lynn Sigler.

Texas, for the better part of the last two years, has become somewhat of an entertainment hub that Hollywood celebrities are flocking to for real estate.

Of course, the most notable is billionaire Elon Musk, who actually spends more time at his robust beachfront Starbase in the cozy coastal town of Boca Chica, TX, and even refers to south Texas as "the gateway to Mars".

Podcast host Joe Rogan put roots down in the Lone Star state in 2020 but opted for the city of Austin like many other celebs who have recently moved to the capital. His podcast empire is also based there.

Emma Stone most recently made a quiet move into a massive mansion in Austin in May 2021, according to Dirt. She purchased the estate from Texas real estate mogul, C. Patrick Oles, Jr., so you know it's an impressive residence.

Nearby, in Barton Creek, the ex-host of ABC's The Bachelor/The Bachelorette series Chris Harrison, built a home with his pregnant wife Lauren Zima. Harrison is also from the Lone Star State.

The couple opened their doors to Austin Lifestyle magazine in March to show off the swanky abode complete with a wine cellar.

Former Soprano's star Jamie Lynn Sigler relocated her family from Los Angeles to a Spanish-style ATX home she renovated in 2021.

“The new house was very Texas country and I wanted to bring a cool California vibe to that style,” Sigler told Architectural Digest last year.

It seems like your fellow celebs are doing just the same, Jamie. Which star will be next to uproot from sunny California or busy New York, and make their way to Texas?

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