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Texas Has Changed This Californian So Much In A Year & Texans Are Proud Of The Transformation

She’s roasting Texas even more following her move from Cali.

Texas Staff Writer
Sam Speiller drinking a Dr. B drink in a TikTok. Right: The exterior of an H-E-B grocery store in Texas.

Sam Speiller drinking a Dr. B drink in a TikTok. Right: The exterior of an H-E-B grocery store in Texas.

The woman who went viral on TikTok for her witty observations about how different her life is after moving from California to Texas is now sharing the interesting ways living in the southern state has changed her.

Sam Speiller, or unmitigated.gall, moved to Round Rock, Texas, last year. The comedian has created another viral series about her Lone Star State experience, but this one is a little more personal, yet still enjoyed by thousands of TikTok users and Texans.

Her multiple-part video saga is captioned "How Texas Has Changed Me". In the clips, Speiller goes on to list a number of things that she didn't do before moving to the state.

Texans themselves are commenting on her experience, stating that her "transformation" is nearly complete.

Here are a few new things about her that are just so relatable to locals.


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"I have seasonal allergies every season."

Texans have many allergies, with the most notorious being tree pollen.

According to the Allergy & Asthma Center of Texas, each month besides January faces different allergens, which come from the native trees and plants. The air is at its worst during the warmer April - September months.

"I have met God, and by God, I mean H-E-B the best grocery store ever."

H-E-B is exclusive to the Lone Star State, and it seems to have become an obsession of Speiller, and many commentators agree.

She mentions in videos that she loves the grocery store's bakery section, which offers products like pastries, bread, and cookies.

"Now I have been burnt," she pauses. "By a seat belt."

It's an unfortunate, but very common occurrence that happens to Texans each summer. For many, there's nothing more uncomfortable than entering a car that's been sitting under the beating sun.

Besides, the whole state has been experiencing an intense La Niña weather season, so it's been extra hot lately.

"I am not scared of bees anymore, because there are way worse things than bees here."

It's true, whether it be an invasive species or a giant insect, there are many creepy organisms that call the southern state home, and some definitely make their presence known to humans.


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"You're more like us every day," a Texas user commented on one of the videos, among other locals vocal about their pride in the changes.

Some even argue the digital creator has earned herself the official Texan title, just from the sheer amount of relatable Texas things she has experienced.

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