5 Reasons Why Alberta Is Better Than BC & Not Everyone Will Agree

The feud continues. 🔥

5 Reasons Why Alberta Is Better Than BC & Not Everyone Will Agree

There's an intense rivalry between B.C. and Alberta, and although they're neighbouring provinces they are different in a lot of ways.

People get pretty heated about the debate, and there are good points on both sides actually.

As someone who just moved to Vancouver, and absolutely loves it, I needed to find why anyone would want to live elsewhere.

So I got in touch with a real Albertan — Narcity writer Alex Arsenych — who was ready to defend her home province. And honestly, she may have convinced even me that Alberta can beat out B.C. in some areas.

Alex currently lives in Calgary and said that "rent prices aren't out of this world for a decent one-bedroom apartment, which I can't say the same for other cities across Canada (ahem, I am looking at you Vancouver.)"

Very true.

Mountains are normally the crown jewel of B.C., but Alex said: "Alberta and B.C. both have the Rockies - I get that - but Banff is here and it is easily the most magical town in the country. It literally feels like you're strolling through a small European town when it's dusted with snow."

"Plus, they have one of the all-time best candy stores there which have been a go-to stop for me ever since I was a little kid," she added.

She did give credit where credit was due though, admitting that "Kelowna is absolutely stunning, and is home to some of the most incredible wineries in the country. So, cheers to you. And I guess bordering the ocean is also pretty cool, too."

The feud may continue, but after talking to Alex it looks like Alberta might be inching towards first place.

Here are her top five reasons for loving Alberta over B.C., and aside from the cowboy boots — which I have no desire to try and pull off — she has some good points.


We all know that B.C. rent prices are out of this world. Cost of living really knocks B.C. down a few pegs for sure.

Alberta is still pricey in some areas, but B.C. will always win in the argument between which is the most expensive.

The Lakes Are Gorgeous In Alberta

Lake Louise and Moraine Lake are undeniable pros when you compare the two provinces.

Banff Is Magical

Banff is also one of those places that prove anyone who says B.C. is more beautiful, kinda wrong.

The Stampede

Although Alex said that she's not really a fan of Stampede, she noted that Albertans do know how to pull off some cowboy boots.


Perhaps a little-known fact, Alex said that the BBQ places in Alberta are always on point. Sounds like a good enough reason to move to me.

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Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is an Editor for Narcity Media focused on interprovincial travel, and is based in Vancouver.