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People Are Sharing Why They Left Alberta To Move To BC & It Just Got Super Heated

"The prospect of moving back to Edmonton makes me very ill."

People Are Sharing Why They Left Alberta To Move To BC & It Just Got Super Heated

The Alberta and B.C. rivalry flame just flared on Reddit when a user asked why so many people are making the move from Alberta to its neighbouring province.

Although the provinces are right next to each other, they have a lot of differences.

In the thread, it looks like B.C. is coming out on top — and everything from weather to politics was put on the table.

Beautiful B.C. was holding strong.

The weather was a consistent theme.

People showed up for B.C and didn't hold back at all.

The cost of B.C. was definitely a negative but overall seemed to be worth it.

The prairies got a lot of hate compared to the mountains.

Things got harsh quick, as they usually do on Reddit.

Overall, the biggest themes were weather, landscape, politics, and outdoor activities. People were super opinionated, making it obvious the rivalry between the provinces is very much still alive.

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