People Are Arguing Over What Town Is The Best In BC & It's Actually Heartwarming To See

Feeling the BC love right now ❤️

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People Are Arguing Over What Town Is The Best In BC & It's Actually Heartwarming To See

People are showing off how much they love their towns in a Reddit thread asking which are the best in B.C.

The thread came as a response to the worst towns in B.C., bringing some much-needed positivity into our lives.

It's definitely a more heartwarming read. People are sharing what makes these towns special and why they adore them.

They're giving their two cents based on things like safety and people.

People were ready to list everything great about the towns they love.

Good shopping is a necessity.

Sometimes just good old small-town charm is enough — and good views never hurt.

Basically everywhere on Vancouver Island was getting a shoutout.

Literally, everywhere.

Seems like the beauty of it, and things to do, make it the best around.

Safe to say that not many people mentioned Vancouver. But some attempted.

Overall, small towns on Vancouver Island came out on top.

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