Alberta's Newest Distillery is Opening This Week & It's Unapologetically Not For Everyone

Let's just say it has an acquired taste!

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Alberta's Newest Distillery is Opening This Week & It's Unapologetically Not For Everyone

A new distillery is opening in Alberta but owners have been very transparent about their gin — it has an acquired taste.

Anohka Distillery will open its doors from Friday, December 10. It is based around 50 kilometres west of Edmonton off Highway 16 at Manly Corner, Parkland County.

But it is their distilling method that they admit may make their Tempest gin not for everyone.

Its founder, and scientist-turned-lawyer, Gurpreet Ranu said: "We do things differently here [...]. By marrying proven old-world distilling practices with cutting edge science and technology, our spirits aren’t simply an iteration of something you’ve tried before—we live up to the true meaning of the word Anohka. We colour outside the lines.”

So, How Is It Different?

A spokesperson told Narcity it is the unique distilling method that turns up the dial on the flavour, as well as using 10 times the botanicals of a typical gin.

Drinkers can expect "resinous juniper, weaving through fresh, bright citrus and an intoxicating blend of spices, all perfectly balanced. The harmony continues on the palate, for a perfectly articulated botanical freshness."

How Did They Come Up With The Idea?

Ranu is a self-proclaimed whisky fan. He travelled to Scotland to learn from some of the distillers before making his gin.

Anohka's Tempest gin is an unfiltered London Dry-style gin and claims to be "unlike anything Canada has seen before."

Their tasting room is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday.

Anohka Distillery

Address: 53124 Highway 770, Parkland County, AB

Why You Need To Visit: Anywhere that claims to be doing something unique to Canada is worth a visit, right? Plus who doesn't love gin!


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