A TikTok User Hosted A 'Bring Your Tinder Date' Party & It Was Just Like A Reality TV Show

The rule was "bring a bottle, bring a random."

A TikTok User Hosted A 'Bring Your Tinder Date' Party & It Was Just Like A Reality TV Show
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Some may be convinced Valentine's Day is way more fun for single people than it is for couples, and this TikToker just helped confirm that.

TikToker Cassidy Davis just followed through on a wild idea that she floated on TikTok earlier this year, which involved inviting a bunch of friends over with blind dates they met on Tinder for Valentine's Day.

She posted several videos on the app from the "most chaotic party idea ever," and you might say it was a disastrous success.

For the big day, Davis decided to host the party, which she named "bring a bottle, bring a random," and it is exactly what it sounds like.


What if this is how I meet my husband #CloseYourRings #ArbysDiabloDare #fyp #valentinesday

The rules for the party included bringing "a random person that you've matched with on a dating app; ideally, you haven't been on a date with them yet." Next, "you have to bring a bottle of alcohol to drink, and then you show up to someone's house and play drinking games."

She uploaded the video to TikTok on January 20, and people couldn't get enough of the idea. Many were asking Davis for an update on Valentine's Day weekend, and she did not disappoint.

She posted an update video two days ago, letting everyone know that she was going through with the idea and hosting the party that night.


Reply to @alexis.brooker pray 4 us all #AVrboForTogether #SoFiBreakUpChallenge #AlaskaAirCAREoke #fyp

In the update, Davis shared that half of the men that had initially confirmed backed out last minute, so she and her girls got working and were swiping away on dating apps, trying to make up for the missing guys.

They may have girl-bossed a little too hard because they ended up inviting way too many men.

"I think I have between five and 65 men coming," said Davis. "These men keep asking if it's going to be a sausage fest, and I keep lying and saying 'no.'"

And the videos only get funnier from that point on.

The partygoers set up a confessional in the washroom, where they shared how they were invited and who invited them and what they came to the party looking for.

Some people were looking for love, while others were just looking for a good time.

Sammy, the girl hosting the party, was definitely on the hunt for the latter.


Reply to @hereforthevideos11 Chaotic Hinge Party confessionals part 1 #LaysGoldenDuet #AVrboForTogether #SoFiBreakUpChallenge #fyp

"I would want some new friend and also maybe to f--- a stranger…maybe… if they're worth it," Sammy confesses in the video.

One partygoer even compared the whole situation to the thriller movie Get Out.

"I'm a little nervous right now. Looks like some Get Out s---. Bunch of white people," he says during his confession. "What do you know, to my surprise, there's six other Black people here. What else is [more] f---ing Get Out than that?"

On the other hand, partygoer Sahana was not playing around and came to find her future husband and potential baby daddy.

One guy admitted that he matched with one of the girls "not even two hours ago."

"I had worry of stranger danger. She reassured me it was fine. I showed up with some ping pong balls, and it's lit."

Davis used her last update to share who ended up matching with who in real life, settling all the speculation in the comments.

The most critical update, though, is that hostess Sammy apparently got what she was looking for.

I guess someone was worth it!

Sameen Chaudhry
Global Staff Writer
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