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valentines day

Some people didn't receive their heart-shaped Japanese cheesecakes this Valentine's Day because there was a slight inconvenience at the bakery.

A car crashed into a Supermoon Japanese Cheesecakes store in Mississauga as the bakery was preparing their orders.

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If you had a dollar for every time you argued with your partner, how much money would you have?

A man on TikTok took the opposite approach for Valentine's Day this year, and his unusual way of tracking his fiancee's temper is sparking a lot of feelings on social media.

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This year, a brave little boy and his caretakers had an extraordinarily sweet Valentine's Day.

Four-year-old Jackson Twain has received over 100 valentines while undergoing cancer treatment in Toronto.

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Start ringing the wedding bells, because Simone Biles is engaged!

Biles and boyfriend Jonathan Owens announced their engagement with a series of adorable photos on social media Tuesday, after the Houston Texans player popped the question on Valentine's Day.

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Some may be convinced Valentine's Day is way more fun for single people than it is for couples, and this TikToker just helped confirm that.

TikToker Cassidy Davis just followed through on a wild idea that she floated on TikTok earlier this year, which involved inviting a bunch of friends over with blind dates they met on Tinder for Valentine's Day.

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