A French Guy's First US Date Was A 'Disaster' Due To Her Strict Diet & TikTokers Ripped Her

"Gluten is my life... Alcohol is joy!"

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TikToker Renan Pacheco talking about his dating history in the US.

TikToker Renan Pacheco talking about his dating history in the US.

After just one date, a French man in the U.S. has decided that American women are not for him, and TikTok had plenty to say about the issues that drove him to that conclusion.

Actor and TikToker Renan Pacheco decided to share his first date "disaster" with followers on the platform, and the hilarious video has already climbed over 18.3 million views.

"Guys, yesterday I had my first date with an American woman, and it was a disaster. It was an absolute disaster. An absolute disaster," Pacheco says to his viewers at the beginning of the video.

His first problem with her was her name, Kimberly. "It's not my favorite name, but it's fine, it's fine. You know she's pretty," Pacheco says before continuing with his story.

"I arrive at the restaurant… We sit down, we take the menu, and she looks me in the eyes, and she tells me she doesn't eat gluten," Pacheco shared. "You don't eat gluten. But how can you not eat gluten? Gluten is my life. Kimberly, gluten is croissant. Gluten is baguette. How can you not eat gluten?" asked the baffled Pacheco.


François went on his first American date! It didn’t go as planned…

That was the first major red flag but unfortunately for him, the insult to his French background didn't end there.

To cope with the date, which was already starting on a rough note, Pacheco decided to order himself a glass of wine and asked Kimberly what she would like to drink, which is when she dropped his second red flag: she doesn't drink.

Pacheco let out a dramatic gasp and asked, "How can you not drink alcohol in your life, Kimberly?"

"Alcohol is joy. Le vin! The wine is the joy."

"So I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I left. I left the restaurant without saying goodbye. I couldn't stay there," Pacheco added. "I'm sorry, but I can't have a love relationship with someone who doesn't eat gluten and doesn't drink wine. I'm sorry, Kimberly."


Kimberly definitely didn't know her audience because how else should a French person react to meeting someone who doesn't indulge in croissants, baguettes and wine?

His audience, who knew him well, commented under his post and assured him that he wasn't being dramatic.

One user wrote, "I literally knew u would say disaster before u said it."

Another user wrote, "I can't have gluten, I'll just have double of the wine." Pacheco responded by writing back, "Zis is a great idea!!"

Another European living in the U.S. chimed in and commented: "Every European understands the pain."

Are you on Team Kimberly or Team Renan?

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Global Staff Writer
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