Women Waited Outside A BF's Hotel Room To Catch Him Cheating & TikTok Has So Many Feelings

"This girl had no idea."

​The girls in the TikTok waiting outside the hotel room. Right: The TikToker explaining what happened.
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The girls in the TikTok waiting outside the hotel room. Right: The TikToker explaining what happened.

How far would you go to catch your man cheating?

TikToker Brielle has inspired (or shocked) millions of people with her next-level approach to infidelity, after staking out a suspected cheater's hotel room with her friends and then filming the whole thing to post online.

In the video, which has now collected almost 14 million views on TikTok, Brielle and her friends can be seen sitting on the floor outside a hotel room with some drinks. Meanwhile, she says her boyfriend of three years is on the other side of the door with another woman.

"Waiting to catch him cheating," said the caption over the video.


Drinks on deck liquid fuel

The video doesn't actually catch her BF in the act, but it did inspire a ton of feelings in the comments section.

Some users were on the girl's side, including the famous beauty brand Benefit, which commented: "Never been more proud of the sisterhood."

However, other commenters were left wondering why she'd waste her time if she already knew her man was cheating.

One wrote: "This is so sad… these men that aren't worth it legit have girls drinking on the floor putting their time into him yet again…."

"Girl, just leave him. Not worth the stress, u deserve so much better," wrote another.

Another person wrote in the TikToker's defence and said: "It's not about the man being worth the effort at this point. It's the principle, the look on his face and he can't gaslight her about it not happening."

Brielle eventually had enough of the comments and shared some more context in a follow-up video.

She explained that after running around looking for the guy at the Calgary Stampede and not finding him, she and her friends decided to track his location only to find him in a hotel five minutes away.


Hot girl summer but yeah no fist fights sorry guys 😭

Once they got to the hotel, they asked the front desk for his hotel room and -- surprisingly -- they got the info.

One commenter even wrote: "Hotel reception never gives these kinds of information; you were lucky."

Brielle says they could hear him in the room with another woman so they decided to wait outside, which is what Brielle later posted on TikTok.

She says eventually he came out, and as you can imagine, things didn't go so great.

"To sum it up, this girl had no idea that this guy she was in the hotel with had a girlfriend for almost three years," Brielle says in the video.

"But, are we single?" she asks her friends in the video, to which they respond: "We're single."

Worth it?

Sameen Chaudhry
Global Staff Writer
Sameen Chaudhry was a Staff Writer for Narcity’s Global Desk focused on TikTok drama and based in Toronto, Ontario.