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A Guy Invoiced A Woman For An 'Unsuccessful' First Date & TikTokers Think He Has A Point

"He said it's not a matter of money; it's the principle."

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Screenshots from the TikTok.

Screenshots from the TikTok.

TikTok is a great place to hear about people's bad first dates, but have you ever heard of one going so badly that the guy asks for a refund on the dinner?

That's what happened to one TikToker who turned to the app to share her story, and it turns out that a lot of people are taking the guy's side.

"What you're looking at here is an invoice receipt after an unsuccessful date," TikTok user Fiona Hopes says in her video, which includes a screenshot of the invoice as her background.

"No f*cking joke," she adds.

The due date for the refund? "ASAP."


Sorry mate, no refunds allowed 🤣 #firstdatefail #firstdatestories #datingstories2022 #moderndatingbelike #moderndatingishard #menbelikethat

"I'm not kidding. I told him I didn't have a romantic connection with him over message politely, and this is the response," Hope says in the video. "He said it's not a matter of money; it's the principle."


"Twenty-nine pounds, man, come on. Give me a break. I mean, would you do this?" Hope asks her audience at the end of the video.

But she didn't get quite the answer she expected, as many people in the comment section agreed with her date's move and said they would likely do the same.

"This is brilliant fair play to the bloke," wrote one user, while another called him a "good lad."

"Give the man his £29," wrote another.

A commenter who took Hope's side suggested that the guy had been watching too many videos from Andrew Tate, the influencer who often promoted misogynist dating tactics.

"Didn't have a romantic connection but let him pay?" asked one commenter. "I think maybe I'm an idiot, but I always pay for my own first date."

Eventually, Hope jumped into the comments and clarified that she did offer to pay during the date.

"I offered to pay several times, and he was extremely insistent. I'm not going to beg to pay," read the pinned comment she left under her video, which now has over half a million views.

It's a long-running social norm that the guy is expected to pay on a date. However, in recent years, men and women have tried to break the old rule and make things more fair.

A lot of the time, women will offer to pay for their bills or cover a round of drinks to compensate. Others on a date might agree to each pay for their own meals, but some still like it the old-school way.

However, based on the most popular comments on Hope's video, TikTokers are leaning toward leaving that old tradition behind.

Do you think it's appropriate to ask for a refund If a date doesn't go how you want it to?

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