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How far would you go to catch your man cheating?

TikToker Brielle has inspired (or shocked) millions of people with her next-level approach to infidelity, after staking out a suspected cheater's hotel room with her friends and then filming the whole thing to post online.

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After a whole year of anticipation, 2022 was finally the year I got to experience my first ever full Calgary Stampede and there were a lot of things I wasn't expecting.

The pandemic brought on two years of quieter celebrations, but the time finally came for me to experience the real deal and I was so excited. After all, the Calgary Stampede is really what the city is famous for.

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The Calgary Stampede is over and done with for another year, and after two years of muted celebrations, it seemed like the city was ready to party more than ever before.

If you've never been, the 10-day event is pretty much a giant party with live music, different tents to visit and a ton of food and drinks. It's fun, but it's also brutal, and these TikToks shared throughout the Calgary Stampede prove it.

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Fans attending a Calgary Stampede concert this weekend definitely got more than they bargained for when star Gwen Stefani dropped in for a surprise visit.

Stefani joined her husband and country music star, Blake Shelton, onstage at the Saddledome on Saturday, July 16. The couple sang one of Shelton's hits — "Happy Anywhere" together and it was super adorable. Stefani also surprised fans with a throwback hit of hers.

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A man visiting Calgary Stampede decided to try out a period pain simulator and he was in so much pain he could barely stand by the end.

In the hilarious TikTok that has over 1.2 million views, someone from the period pain relief brand Some Days talks the man through the process and explains the different levels of cramping people can experience.

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