I Spent $13 At Dollarama To Tame The Chaos In My Bathroom & Now My Life Is Better For It

My bathroom had absolutely no storage!

I Spent $13 At Dollarama To Tame The Chaos In My Bathroom & Now My Life Is Better For It

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I moved into a new apartment around a year and a half ago, and despite being a frequent shopper at Dollarama, I never really looked into organization products at the store.

What that means is that my place is a mess. It's not dirty, per se, but things are just generally scattered all around and it looks pretty chaotic, as you can see from the picture below of my bathroom counter (in my defence, there are no drawers in my bathroom).

Should I have my makeup brushes sitting on the counter? No. Do I need three handsoaps? Also no. Although, sometimes you gotta spice up your sanitizing routine during the lockdowns in Ontario just to feel alive.

Sarah Rohoman | Narcity

I went to Dollarama with a mission to organize my bathroom without really knowing what I wanted, but I knew for sure I didn't want to spend over $15.

After wandering for a few minutes, I came across a little stand which I quickly realized would solve a lot of my problems. I needed to think about using vertical height, which would make things look more streamlined.

Once I had that item in my basket, the rest of what I needed sort of just jumped out at me.

I picked up an organizer to go under the stand, three little tubs to hold products, a mug and some new washcloths because mine are all dingy from my foundation and mascara.

In total, I spent $13.37 for everything, including a plastic bag, because someone in my household swiped the reusable bags I keep in my car.

Sarah Rohoman | Narcity

When it came time to the actual organization, I was surprised at how organically everything came together.

I decided that the products I use every day should go on top of the little stand, so I used one of the tubs for my skincare products, one for reusable cotton rounds and a washcloth and then the mug for my toothpaste and toothbrush.

I used the third tub for my makeup brushes and then used the organizer to house things I only use on occasion, like my tweezers, razor, nail clippers, face mask and some extra washcloths.

I'll admit I didn't have a great solution to the two extra bottles of hand soap I currently have open, but just lining them up made everything look tidier.

Sarah Rohoman | Narcity

My bathroom feels so much less chaotic, and dare I say it, almost peaceful.

Having things organized is a game-changer, and I can't wait to tackle my next project!

Sarah Rohoman
Sarah Rohoman is an Editor for Narcity Media focused on Canadian celebrities and is based in Toronto, Ontario.